Let’s achive our dreams for a better world

One morning in 2018, I woke up and said to myself “what if I died tomorrow, what would I have liked to do?”.

The answer “a monumental canvas with the title “let’s make our dreams come true for a better world”. A canvas that invites us to rethink our relationship with ourselves and with the world, breaking out of the current impasse and creating a regenerative world that respects living things in all its forms.

For me, an artist is there to challenge, to make people dream.

My dream is that by achieving mine I inspire as many people as possible to achieve theirs.

Today this dream is a project and the large canvas was born on March 8, 2020 on the occasion of Women's and Minority Rights Day. It was made from a 1/25th scale model. It took 60 rolls of 2.10 m by 10 meters to make the final canvas of 50 meters by 24 meters.

High school students, college students and all those who had the opportunity participated by registering their dream. I participated in the children's rights convention and it was magical to see their vision of the world.

This project was the subject of a launch party on March 8, 2019 in the company of dream makers, find them on the following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vty-snsl920&t=25s

Given the success of these conferences, we organized an afternoon on September 28, 2019, where spectators were able to follow the journey of these dream achievers:

Let everyone realize that their dream for a better world is worth realizing!

Here is the model of the project on a scale of 1/25