Let’s realize our dreams for a better world

One morning I woke up and said “What if I die tomorrow ? What would I have liked to do?”

The answer is : a monumental canvas with the title “Let’s realize our dreams, for a better world “.
For me an artist is here to challenge, and to dream.
My dream is that by doing mine I’ll push a lot of people to realize theirs.
Today this dream is a project. The 1:25 scale model is produced. It will take 60 rolls of 2.10 m by 10 meters to form the final canvas of 50 meters by 24 meters.
High school and college students will participate, as well as anybody else, as any other dreamer.
If you’d like to participate and help me in that journey, you’ll be welcome at the launch party which will take place on March 8, 2019, Women’s Day. Thank you for contacting me if interested.
Every dream is worthwhile being realized to build a better world.